Starting with Stories is dedicated to helping families raise racially aware kids.

Our mission is to encourage, equip, and support families with young children to rethink how they discuss race and diversity. We can help you:

  • find the best books and resources
  • figure out what to say
  • figure out what your family can do
  • connect like-minded families together to bond over common goals.

Sharing books with your child can be as simple as showing enthusiasm for the story and talking about the pictures, to asking open ended questions and paying attention to what your child notices. Sharing stories with your child becomes a two-way conversation that invites sharing thoughts and emotions.

Many families have avoided talking about race, however research has shown this leads children to form unclear, often wrong assumptions about their family’s beliefs. Talking to your child is the first step on a journey you and your family will take together.

Talking to our children about race is difficult on many levels, one being—we sometimes don’t understand exactly how we feel, or what we know ourselves. The adult books listed here will help you fill in the gaps of your understanding and enable you to feel more confident when talking to your children.