2023 August Featured Book: Ages 1-2

Leo Loves Baby Time   by Anna McQuinn

Leo loves baby time, and little ones love Leo!  Leo and his friends do exactly the types of things babies and toddlers love to do.  If you love Leo, there are more books in this series.  Leo’s big sister Lola has her own series as well.

You may check this book out at your local library, or purchase it from our bookshop.org store

Developmental markers:

  • Continuing to develop awareness of self as a separate individual.
  • Learning to interact with other within the cultural rule system of their families.  Paying close attention to “their” adults feelings and non-verbal messages.


  • It is almost impossible to read this book and not stop to join in the fun.  Play peekaboo, clap hands, sing songs, bounce and kick, and zooooommmm to the mooon!
  • A diverse group of toddlers and their caregivers happily interact in the book. Notice things about Leo’s friends, things that are the same and things that are different.  Leo’s favorite activity is playing with animals—what is your child’s favorite?  Your child will pick up your vibes regarding whether being different in some ways is okay (or not…).
  • Consider finding a “baby time” (i.e. “story time) at your local library to attend.  Check our Helpful Links for local libraries in the Greater Kansas City area on Starting with Stories webpage.     
  • Your child may want to hear Leo Loves Baby Time on repeat, so we could not resist Including a link to this adorable YouTube video of an older child sweetly reading the story aloud.
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