2023 August Featured Book: Ages 5-6

 I Walk with Vanessa   by Kerscoet

A picture book without words, but with images that speak volumes. This story, follows Vanessa along her journey as the new kid in school. Like most new students, she feels nervous and even unwelcome at first, and she is treated unkindly on her walk home. Another child notices the bullying and decides to befriend Vanessa the very next day. What happens next is unexpected and quite beautiful. 

 You may check this book out from your local library, or purchase it from our bookshop.org store.    

Developmental Markers:

  • Aware of and exploring the meaning of the several aspects of self-identity and group identities (racial, cultural, gender) and the societal messages about them. 
  • Developing critical thinking skills, and can engage in “social justice” activities on issues that directly touch them, in their classroom, school, or neighborhood.


  • Help your child practice a variety of ways to act when:

another child behaves in a biased manner toward him or her

a child behaves in a biased manner toward another child

unfair situations occur in the classroom or playground

unfair situations occur in his/her community, country, or the world

  • Engage your child/children in dialogue about their feelings and and ideas regarding the specific situation. Provide information about the situation as appropriate.  Nonfiction books can provide a factual backdrop.  Fiction is great for feeling what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes.
  • Consider the interests of your child. Do they care about a particular problem?  What kind of actions would help them appropriately address the issue?
  • Plan and carry out an action to address the problem. If one action works, great!  If it does not, try again with a different plan.
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