2023 June Featured Book: Ages 5-6

Soul Food Sunday by Winsome Bingham

On Sundays everyone rolls up to Grandma’s house for a soul food feast of chicken, ribs and sausage, greens, mac & cheese, and sweet tea. Not so much a story as a slice of life, this vividly illustrated picture book welcomes readers into an extended family’s warm weekly ritual.

Developmental markers: https://startingwithstories.org/fives-sixes/
Enjoys exploring the similarities and differences in the home cultures of their peers.

• What are memorable occasions for your family?
• As you are reading this book point out things that are the same or different from the family in the book?
• Look through photos of family gatherings.
• Discuss favorite family recipes and make one.
• Make the Mac ’N’ Cheese recipe at the back of the book.

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