2023 September Featured Book: Infants


Global Babies Playtime  by Maya Ajmera

Global Babies Playtime provides a “window” for your curious little one to see how other babies look and play in countries all around the world.

‘With a playtime theme throughout, each captivating photo features a child having fun, interacting with their environment or with a favorite recognizable toy.  From a baby with a soccer ball in South Korea to tots sharing a puzzle in India, the subjects reflect diverse cultures and ethnicities from all over the globe as well as a wide variety of activities….Babies everywhere love to play, and the very youngest readers will find worlds of fun in this book.”(Kirkus Reviews)  


Developmental Markers:

  • Gradually becoming aware of self as a separate being
  • Beginning to absorb a cultural identity through daily caregiving, interactions, household smells, sounds, etc.
  • Beginning to notice and respond to skin color cues (around 6 months)


  • Enjoy this book with your baby by noticing and pointing out the many details in the photos—things that are familiar and things that are new.  Reading the words and labels for the countries is far less important than just talking about the pictures and interacting spontaneously with your child. 
  • If your child has toys similar to the ones in the book, try imitating some of the games the babies play.
  • Keep this book in a place your child can pick it up often—in a toy bag, in the car, on a low shelf, in a bin….   Babies may very well “re-read” this board book over and over on their own.  They are especially curious about faces, searching them to become familiar with them.  They will absorb far more than they are able to verbalize at this stage.
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